Electronics Kits

FM Bugs

Audio [Top] KA0003 - 25W Amplifier Module (only one left!!!)
KA0005 - "The Champ" Audio Amplifier
KA1001 - "Pre-Champ" Versatile Preamplifier
KA2000 - Stereo Loudspeaker Protector (only one left!!!)
KA4000 - Mini Mitter - FM Stereo Transmitter
KA4003 - Beetle MK II guitar FM transmitter
KA5001 - Stereo Preamplifier Control Module

Car [Top] KC0000 - Screecher Car Alarm
KC0001 - Engine Immobiliser Kit
KC1000 - Smart Dual 12V Battery Isolator Kit
KC6001 - Programmable Electronic Ignition

Computer [Top] KE0001 - Pocket Sampler for PCs (only one left!!!)
KE0002 - 24 Line I/O Card for PCs
KE0009 - Parallel Port I/O Interface Kit
KE0010 - RS232 Mini Tester
KE6001 - PC Controlled Arbitrary Waveform Generator (only one left!!!)

FM Bugs [Top] KF0000 - Miniature FM Transmitter
KF0003 - Minder FM wireless microphone
KF1002 - Big Ear Parabolic Dish Bug
KF1005 - Cube Of Sugar sized Bug
KF1009 - VOX Bug MK IV Voice Activated Bug
KF1012 - Wall Bug High Performance Bug
LED Power Meter - FM Bug building tool

Video [Top] KV3002 - Video Enhancer and Stabiliser

Power [Top] KP1006 - Universal 15V Power Supply (Needs Transformer / Rectifier)

Miscellaneous [Top] KM3002 - Flexitimer Kit MK II (only one left!!!)
KM5001 - Laser Pointer

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