KC0000 - Screecher Car Alarm


picture of KC0000
Power Requirements and weight:
  • 12-15VDC (car power supply)
  • 0.25kg
This little car alarm is designed to frighten the living daylights out of any car thief! When your car is broken into, this kit activates a shrill 116dB Screecher Siren inside the car, which will make the thief incapable of stealing your car and keeping his hearing. The alarm has a dash mounted lamp flasher, entry and exit delays, a three second "soft alarm" to remind you to turn it off, and automatic resetting. Two inputs that respond to a change in state are provided as triggers. Installation is simple with the use of a basic on/off switch that can be hidden. This kit is supplied in short form with all the components, including the screecher, PCB, lamp and switch.


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