KA2000 - Stereo Loudspeaker Protector

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picture of KA2000
Power Requirements and Weight:
  • 12-20VAC or 15-80V amplifier supply rail with dropping resistor
  • 0.25kg
This kit is an absolute must for anyone who treasures their stereo equipment. It prevents your loudspeakers from disintegrating when your amplifier overheats and blows its output transistor(s) (This may have happened to you already: is the quality of your system degrading?). It has an intelligent de-thump circuit and it can be built into existing amplifiers or it can stand alone. This kit is supplied in short form (i.e: you have to solder all the components to the PCB) and includes a relay in addition to the PCB and components.

If you would like to see a large schematic block diagram of the KA2000, click on the thumbnail below.
(Warning: image is 93.9K in size)

Schematic Image


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