KA4000 - Mini Mitter

FM Stereo Transmitter


picture of KA4000
Power Requirements and Weight:
  • One 1.5V penlight (AA) battery (lasts several months)
  • 0.25kg
This single IC, miniature stereo FM transmitter is perfect for use around the home and car. With an output of 200 microwatts, you can plug this kit into your CD player and then listen to music via your walkman or your car stereo. The transmitter has a Harmonic Distortion of 3% for 200mVp-p input, has a stereo separation of 45dB at 1kHz and has a trasmission frequency range of 88.1 to 107.9MHz. This kit is supplied in short form (i.e: you have to solder all the components to the PCB) and also includes a case and front panel.


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