KitZ Freight Costs


The tables below contain the codes and costs for shipping to certain destinations. All prices quoted are current at the time of the last update to this page and include packaging costs. For the latest currency exchange rates, click HERE and follow a link.



up to 0.25kg A$6.00 A$4.75 A$5.25 A$5.75 A$4.25
up to 0.5kg A$6.00 A$7.75 A$8.75 A$9.75 A$6.75
up to 1.0kg A$9.00 A$13.75 A$15.75 A$17.75 A$14.25
up to 2.0kg A$9.00 A$25.75 A$29.75 A$33.75 A$21.75
up to 3.0kg A$9.00 A$31.75 A$37.75 A$43.75 A$25.75

Australian destinations: average delivery time is 2 working days if in Metropolitan areas but may take up to a week depending on the location (sent by Express Post).
International destinations: Economy Air freight can take up to 2 weeks to deliver and some countries have weight restrictions.
    Note: Insurance is an extra cost
  • Internationally: A$3.00 + A$2.00 per A$100 of value.

CodeCountry / Region
D Australia
E Asia
F USA, Canada, the Middle East, Cyprus
G Europe, U.K, South America, Africa
H New Zealand



up to 0.5kg A$8.00 A$25.95 A$28.10 A$32.40 A$41.05 A$75.60 A$60.50
up to 1.0kg A$8.00 A$33.15 A$39.60 A$43.20 A$55.45 A$84.25 A$74.90
up to 1.5kg A$9.10 A$37.10 A$46.44 A$50.40 A$66.25 A$92.90 A$88.60
up to 2.0kg A$9.10 A$41.05 A$53.28 A$57.60 A$77.05 A$101.55 A$102.25
up to 2.5kg A$9.10 A$45.00 A$60.12 A$64.80 A$87.85 A$110.20 A$115.95
up to 3.0kg A$9.10 A$54.00 contact us contact us contact us contact us contact us

Courier delivery can take up to a week.

CodeCarrierCountry / Region
M Australian Air Express Australia
N FedEx New Zealand
P FedEx Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saipan, Indonesia
Q FedEx USA, Canada
R FedEx United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Switzerland, India
S FedEx Algeria, Cyprus, Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, the Middle East
T FedEx South America, Scandanavia, South Africa

If your country or region is not listed on the above tables, please email or fax us on +61 8 9328 2650 so we can give you prices for freight to your country. Certain countries have limits on Economy Air (usually 0.5kg) so if a package is over the limit, we will contact you about alternative postal methods (either Air Mail or Sea Mail).


All prices in these tables are subject to change without notice.

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