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We have put together a few utilities to assist you in your kit building:
* Please note that the resistor calculators are Javascript pages and will not work correctly with editions of Netscape Navigator earlier than V3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer earlier than 4.0.
Can't See Any Prices?

If you can't see any prices on any of the kit web pages, you either haven't got JavaScript enabled on your browser (change your browser options) or you are not using a JavaScript compatible browser. Compatible browsers are Netscape Navigator versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.x or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3.x and 4.x. If you want know why, please click HERE.

NOTE: If you are live outside of Australia or are exempt from Australian Sales Tax, click HERE.

Currency Conversion
Below are some links to assist you in working out kit and freight prices in your currency.
Problems with the Secure Online Ordering System

There are a couple of situations that we have found to cause the Secure Web Server not to connect. The first problem is that of proxy settings. If you are using a proxy server (cache) and it is not set up properly, you will get a message saying that you do not have permission to connect to the server. You can either turn proxy access off (select No Proxies) or set your Manual Proxy Settings to not include a proxy for Security.

The second problem may be that you are unable to establish a connection to the Secure Web Server because you have not got SSL enabled or you are not using an SSL capable browser. Make sure you have SSL enabled on your browser and if you do not have an SSL capable browser, upgrade to one that can accept SSL connections.

Also, due to the nature of Microsoft Internet Explorer, some versions may not connect to our new, experimental system.

If you have any queries or difficulties regarding any of our kits, please fill out the form below and click on the Submit button. If your query or problem relates to one of our FM Bugs, please check the FAQ section. The staff here at KitZ will make every attempt to respond to your request within the next working day.

Note: certain fields in this form must be filled out before we will accept it. If you do not fill out the form with a proper email address (e.g:, our server will reject it and ask you to do it again.

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