KM5001 - Laser Pointer


picture of KM5001
Power Requirements and Weight:
  • 3 'LR 44' size batteries
    supplied with kit
  • under 0.25kg
Make your presentations, lectures and speeches look really professional with this great little laser pointer. This tiny pointer (it's only 7 centimetres long!) is very robust, with a steel case in a silver finish and is very easy to use as there is only one button. The wavelength of the LASER Diode is 660 - 680nm with a maximum output power of under 5mW. It complies with 21CFR, Part 1040.10 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Performance Standard for Laser Products) and is classified as a Class IIIA LASER Product which means the LASER is safe on skin and will not cause injury to the eye if directly viewed momentarily. The laser pointer comes with a keychain so you won't lose it easily and a storage case so it won't get scratched.


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