KC6001 - Programmable Electronic Ignition


picture of KC6001
  • under 0.5kg
Ever wanted to make your car engine run exactly the way you wanted it to? With this kit you get total control over your engine as it lets you set the following parameters:
  • Rev limit
  • Number of cylinders
  • RPM at which ignition advance begins
  • RPM for full advance
  • Vaccuum advance
  • Maximum advance angle
Another neat feature of this kit is that it has the ability to store 2 different sets of parameters so if you have a dual fuel type car (eg: Petrol and LPG), you can change optimum settings with a few keypresses. The kit also has a tachometer output and a 2 digit security code. The kit is supplied in short form with all electronic components, keypad, LED display, pre-programmed microprocessor and PCB, and comes with comprehensive programming and assembly instructions.


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