KE0009 - Parallel Port I/O Interface Kit


picture of kit
Power Requirements and Weight:
  • supplied by the computer
  • under 0.25kg
This kit provides a means to control any application you like using a PC. It connects to a parallel port, supplying you with 8 opto-isolated inputs and 8 relay outputs. Up to 8 of these kits can be daisy chained through one parallel port and you don't need a fast computer to run them, even something as old as an XT will do the job. Included is a Q-Basic program listing to get you up and running and you can customise this to suit your needs. Examples for use of this card are watering the garden, stage lights, model railways and robotics. This kit is supplied in short form with all electronics components, PCB , parallel port connector and 8 DPDT relays.


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