KF1009 - VOX Voice Activated FM Bug


picture of KF1005
Power Requirements and Weight:
  • 4 AAA Cells
  • under 0.25kg
This long range FM Bug has two very special features: it is voice activated (saves battery power: up to 800 hours of battery life) and it has what is called a homing beep. This homing beep allows you to tune in to the bug using an FM radio while it is off and lets you find it again easily when it does switch on. It will switch on when it hears a voice at normal volume from 5 metres away and a whisper from 3 meters! On average, this bug will transmit 600 metres but with careful peaking of the circuit and correct antenna positioning, a huge 1 kilometre range can be acheived! This kit is supplied in short form with all electronic components and PCB.


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