KE6001 - PC Controlled Arbitrary
Waveform / Function Generator

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picture of KE6001
Power Requirements and Weight:
  • 240V AC
  • 1.5kg
This kit connects to your PC's parallel port to produce signals of virtually any desired waveform at frequencies from below 0.25Hz to beyond 100kHz. The generator is software driven and will allow you to download waveforms from your PC and play them back at the desired frequency. Up to 32kB of data can be stored on the on-board RAM. This kit is supplied in short form with all electronic components, mains transformer, case, front panel, PCBs, sockets, switches and connectors.
  • The transformer in this kit is for use with a 240V power supply. People in countries that do not use 240V mains will have to obtain a transformer relevant to their power supply voltage.
  • This kit requires special software (written by Electronics Australia Magazine). Click HERE to download the file in a ZIP format.


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