Secure Server Information


KitZ now has a Secure Web Server for your convenience and peace of mind while ordering. A Secure Web Server is a computer specifically set up to send and receive encrypted information over the World Wide Web, which prevents the information from being viewed. Our Secure Web Server has a form for use with your Credit Card, and the information which you transmit to the Secure Web Server will be encrypted and kept confidential. Information is therefore kept completely safe when you send it from your computer to ours.

Once you have selected kits to purchase, simply go to the Ordering Information page, click on our Secure Online Ordering System, fill out the form and submit it. Your kit will then be sent out to you.

Please note that this system is still experimental so your browser probably will not recognise the certificate authority. If you accept the certificate (it should be signed by our web-hosting service, The Australian Networkers), the SSL encryption will work.


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