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In Australia, we have a general sales tax that is applied to every item we sell at KitZ. However, this tax is not applicable to people who reside outside of Australia or those who are tax exempt by means of a certificate or a similar document.

If you are tax exempt, we can offer you better prices but in order for you to view them, the KitZ Web Server ( needs to set a cookie on your computer. This cookie will be very small and it will tell the web server that you are tax exempt when you view a kit web page, displaying the better price. Please note that you MUST have JavaScript enabled on your browser to display any price.

Below are a set of options for selecting your cookie. The Short option will set the cookie to last for a day (24 hours) and after this time, the cookie is deleted. The Long option will set the cookie to last for a year. After a year has passed, the cookie will become invalid and will be deleted. If for some reason, you have selected the wrong cookie or if you want to remove the cookie immediately, you should select the Remove option and the cookie will be deleted (Note: you will be asked to accept a cookie which will overwrite the original cookie and then immediately expire.)

Cookie Option

Long    Short  Remove

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